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Booking with UNICUS.

UNICUS. aims to offer every client an expert level of service at an affordable rate. All quotes take into account the timeline of the planning process and all subsequent details of your event. Please find our full list of services below.


Full Service Planning

UNICUS. will work with you to build your wedding from the ground up. A standard planning process generally ranges from 12 to 18 months. Our team will support you across the board, from sourcing Save the Dates to supervising load out after you’ve finished your Last Dance. Our team won't stop until you do. This service includes day of coordination.


Hybrid Planning

Our Hybrid option is for the couple who likes to do it themselves but may want some extra support along the way. With this option, UNICUS. would come into the planning process 6 months to event day, picking up where you left off. From there, our team would continue to assist with organizational details, including liaising with vendors, finalizing event logistics, curating your event timeline, and refining the overall design, theme, and decor for your event. This service includes day of coordination. Additional services are available upon request. 

Day of Coordination

UNICUS. would come into your process two weeks before your wedding. You would then hand over your finalized wedding book and all final documents to us. From there, we'll do a brief review of all documents and connect with your vendors to ensure that your event runs seamlessly and smoothly as we execute your day. Includes 1-2 team members on the ground on the day for the run of your event. 


Please note: Day of Coordination does not include any additional administrative facilitation, planning, or coordinating of your event beyond working with your finalized wedding book and documents. Additional services are available upon request. 


For more information or to request a complimentary consultation please reach out to us today! All rates and fees are issued in a custom quote tailored to your needs.


Flexible Fees and Additional Options

Are you getting married on an accelerated timeline? Or perhaps, you love the idea of collaborating with UNICUS. but you aren't quite sure if your idea is doable? We encourage you to reach out to us and start a dialogue. We are always happy to brainstorm ways on how to customize and tailor the planning process for prospective clients. This includes additional services, customized planning, and payment plans.



Upon hiring UNICUS., clients are required to accept our standard Terms of Service and submit a nonrefundable security deposit of 30%.


This rate is based on the amount of work that UNICUS. does in the early stages of planning. While it may not seem to be a high-stakes period, from the moment we commit to collaborating with a client, we are dedicated to starting off the entire journey in a place that ensures a successful process and an outstanding event. From building your website to organizing your first recommended venue packet, the security deposit allows both parties to feel safe and secure in the knowledge that you, the client, are receiving exactly what you paid for from UNICUS.


Final payment is due seven days prior to the wedding day. At this time all payments will be collected through Paypal or Venmo.


​*Gratuity for the UNICUS. Team is completely optional however, always appreciated.


UNICUS. LLC is a full-service planning agency making bold strides in the wedding industry and we love to facilitate relationships with clients that are intentional, professional, creative, and collaborative. Reach out to us today, we’d love to hear from you!

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