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For every couple that we are fortunate enough to work with, we ask them to finish the sentence, "Love is..." As we created UNICUS., we asked ourselves the same. It is our intention to create a safe space by making the lasting pledge to always lead with love. From our team to our clients, we aim for all to feel welcomed, heard, seen, and respected. We pledge to function at this standard with every space, vendor, and contractor that we enter into a working relationship with. UNICUS. is made up of multicultural, assertive, artistic, and open-hearted women who value diversity and equality, and who intend to plan weddings for any couple who chooses to collaborate with us by accepting them for who they are and who they love. This our pledge to ourselves and to you.


UNICUS. will always strive to create a safe space.

As artists, we have cultivated the importance of listening and receiving what our partners in art give us. Only then can we piece together what will become the incredible and unique experiences brought to life on the stage and on film. At UNICUS., we collaborate with our clients in the same way. UNICUS. strives to hold space for each of our couples’ visions through listening and receiving. We acknowledge this as the key ingredient to our creativity.


At UNICUS. we listen first, ask next, and then listen again.

What is truth? Everyone will have a different answer. The only way to find a unified truth when collaborating is to lead with honesty and transparency. At UNICUS. we pledge to put these at the forefront of our communication with our clients. Planning a wedding will always come with unforeseen outcomes and many twists and turns, but we believe that by putting honesty and transparency first, we are creating a reliable and dependable space for our couples during this once in a lifetime journey. 


UNICUS. creates, collaborates, and imagines with transparency.

Being an artist is so much more than telling stories; it's seeing the world in bold colors. It's a calling to break the molds and structures that we as people are traditionally taught to live within. It’s a lifetime commitment to create a more fair and inclusive world. Who better than artists to help create an extraordinary day full of love? UNICUS. prides itself on bringing in a variety of artists to help make our clients’ wedding day innovative, eclectic, and tailored to them. It's that little something extra that will make each dream come alive.


UNICUS. will continue to maintain our core vision conceived by artists through a unique and combined creativity based upon our own experiences.

There is no wedding idea that is too out-of-the-box for UNICUS. Come one, come two, come all. We’d love to collaborate on the wildest, wackiest, and most whimsical wedding ideas. Through innovation, not only will we expand on these original ideas, we will also perform on every budget to make sure our couples have one of the best days of their lives.


Nothing is off-limits with UNICUS.

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