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The Story of Us

David and Jody's wedding in Hudson Valley, NY

David and Jody’s wedding will always be remembered as UNICUS.’ first. This couple appreciates all things that have been used with love and care and recognizes that everything has a story. Owl’s Hoot Barn, a renovated bank barn in the Hudson Valley, was the perfect location for us to create their wedding experience of, “The Story of Us,” where the little details included a mini jukebox for Cocktail Hour, custom-written puzzle books about them and their time together, and edible herbs within the table garlands that guests had a glorious experience of putting within their delicious reception dinner from a small business local restaurant, The Cask and Rasher.

   Photographer: Stephanie Marie Oberle


...a beautiful combination of qualities of creativity and gettin’-it-done professionalism that slayed it in every way! You are simply the very best. 

- The Grooms

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