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Fierce, fabulous, and oh, so wonderful ladies!!! We have not yet thanked you for the sweetest surprise(s!!) and the card you left for us in our cabin on our wedding night. On top of EVERYTHING, you succeeded in accomplishing, you pulled that off too!!!!! You are each extraordinary in your individual spirits, and you are collectively a beautiful combination of qualities of creativity and gettin’-it-done professionalism that slayed it in every way! You are simply the very best. We thank and love you madly.

-David Bushman and Jody Reynard (Grooms)


I wanted to send a note to thank all of you for making my best friend’s wedding an event that he will never forget. Every moment of the day was beautiful and well planned and I can’t thank all of you enough for making the whole experience lovely. I enjoyed getting to know all of you and I will be highly recommending UNICUS. to everyone I know. Congratulations on getting your first event done and sharing in the love we all have for David and Jody.

-Michelle Tolson (Best Person)

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Our dream wedding would not have been possible without UNICUS. Their organization, diligence, and positive attitude laid the groundwork for a beautiful weekend (that’s right, a full weekend) with family and friends. 


One day is hard enough right? So we decided to host a weekend destination wedding instead. We would have been lost without these matriarchs. Throwing an outdoor destination wedding on a budget? No problem. UNICUS. helped us bring our grandiose vision to life and eased our worried minds. From conceptualization through the final moments they were there for us and with us. 


The only reason we were able to truly enjoy our wedding day was because of these lovely souls. They made sure every last detail was attended to. We didn’t have to worry if something was being done, because it was. Most importantly, they kept us relaxed, present, and hydrated on our big day. These powerful women at the helm kept us in smooth waters sailing off into marital bliss. 


We don’t plan on getting married again, but we will definitely be using their services to throw another epic celebration in the future. Thank you UNICUS. for being that positive guiding light during the dark uncertainties of wedding planning. 


Nothing but love,

Tayler & Tyler

Consider yourselves lucky to have stumbled upon UNICUS. in your search for a wedding planner. UNICUS.' approach to planning weddings makes it easy, organized, and fun (and it should be fun). I've worked with dozens and dozens of wedding planners over the course of the last 10 years in my role as a venue manager in Northern California. Celia, Tiffany, and the UNICUS. team were a joy to work with from start to finish. They were consistently timely and thorough in their communications over the course of the entire planning process. I was especially impressed with their ability to combine a number of complicated logistics into a cohesive whole. It is very obvious that their backgrounds in the creative arts translate well to event planning. They know what it means to pay attention to every detail without losing sight of how everything fits into the bigger picture. You will undoubtedly enjoy your experience with UNICUS. They are the real deal. I highly recommend UNICUS. for all types of couples and weddings.

- Matthew Lyles, Executive Director -Venue for Tayler & Tyler


"There are no words superlative enough to describe the intense dedication that UNICUS. has to their clients. The second we signed the contract, they were so amazingly on top of everything for our engagement shoot. They spent hours walking around scouting Central Park to find the perfect locations for photos. Also, they recommended an amazing and affordable photographer who produced amazing results in a timely manner.  Indeed, their dedication to working with fellow artists not only brings a unique perspective and experience but almost always lowers the costs in the process!" — Seth, Groom

"The ladies at UNICUS. were excellent at making our experience the very best; they brought us so many fun and creative ideas, which touched our hearts. They organized a lovely engagement photo shoot for us in Central Park, and we were amazed at how thoroughly they had prepared for the shoot. Central Park had been always my favorite place, but they showed us to so many hidden gems inside the park that it became even a more magical place! They have a nice network of talented artists, who help perfect your experience.” — Emi, Bride


The creativity and collaboration between the team was out of this world (don’t mind the cheesy space pun). When I saw myself as the Moon Goddess, I truly felt beautiful and I saw my husband in a way that I have never seen him before! I felt like I was actually transformed! Plus, UNICUS. listened to me, and worked with my hair in its most natural state.

 - Andrea Ohlsen-Esparza

It felt really good to try and channel some God-like energy, and UNICUS.’ hair, wardrobe, and design prowess definitely took me into that headspace. Staring into my wife’s eyes as she channeled the Moon Goddess was wonderful; I was buzzing, and the whole session took our love to a higher plane.

- David Ohlsen-Esparza

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