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The Company

UNICUS. is a bi-coastal wedding planning agency specializing in unique, non-traditional, and intimate weddings. Spearheaded by artists for the creative and imaginative couple whose visions fit outside the conventional wedding model. 


Celia Mei Rubin


Celia is drawn to all adventures and experiences that require significant planning and organization. Having spent many years as a Dance Captain on Broadway shows, her skills of both seeing the larger picture as well as understanding the more nuanced demands of making sure the “show goes on” have provided her with the experience to build, organize, and run events from the ground up. Celia spent a few years in between show contracts working as a wedding consultant and became fascinated with the idea of helping to create a one-of-a-kind, once-in-a-lifetime day that requires a multitude of little pieces to add up to a magnificent whole. She co-founded UNICUS. with the intention to bring couples who don’t necessarily desire a traditional wedding day, the opportunity to get married on their own terms in a way specifically crafted to them. As Eastern Matriarch, she oversees all east coast weddings, as well as lends support to the west coast team. Celia brings her unparalleled dedication and commitment to every UNICUS. client.

Tiffany Adeline Cole


Combining all of her experience and passion for creating unique and celebratory spaces, Tiffany chose to co-found UNICUS. with full confidence in the company to plan, execute and deliver a once-in-a-lifetime event that makes each wedding day feel special, specific, magnetic, and true. Throughout her artistic career working in regional theater as well as on Broadway,  her role as a swing, understudy, and assistant dance captain allowed her to cultivate many strengths and ideals that have easily transferred into the planning arena where she finds immense joy in orchestrating and executing the perfect experience. An intuitive skill set that has become second nature, she has the expert ability to take a concept and turn it into a fully-realized creative moment for many to share. Tiffany’s intention is to bring to UNICUS. the most integral lessons that she learned as an artist — a devotion to originality and creativity. Determination, unyielding self-resolve, and the commitment to exceptional teamwork. Ultimately culminating in a space for the collective human experience. As the Western Matriarch of UNICUS., Tiffany oversees all weddings on the west coast as well as lends support to the east coast company.


"Consider yourselves lucky to have stumbled upon UNICUS. in your search for a wedding planner. UNICUS.' approach to planning weddings makes it easy, organized, and fun (and it should be fun). I've worked with dozens and dozens of wedding planners over the course of the last 10 years in my role as a venue manager in Northern California. Celia, Tiffany, and the UNICUS. team were a joy to work with from start to finish." 

Matthew Lyles: Executive Director-Optimist Volunteers for Youth (Summer Camp)

Sophie Morris Lee


As the Source-eress, Sophie dreams, sources, and creates all the goodies each client is looking for to make their wedding one of a kind. She helps find what is needed and creates what they can only find in their imagination. Sophie also serves as a general, hands-on helper to make every special day run as smoothly as possible. She is the creator behind Kiln, a clay jewelry business based in NYC and collaborating in tandem with UNICUS. Sophie has spent the past 6 years in New York as a professional performer and creative and understands the ins and outs of putting on a great show. She even planned and crafted her own wedding 7 years ago!

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